Dr.Tom and California


  Guess who I saw? DR.TOM! I went to California to celebrate my grandpa’s birthday. It also happened to be on my birthday too! I just turned 11 years old. Ok let’s get back to Dr.Tom. First we drove there and he met us outside of his house. Seconded we walked to his back yard. He was sooooo nice and got gluten free snacks (and Dairy free) and drinks. So THANK YOU DR.TOM! At his house around 6:00pm we watched the sunset on the ocean. It was BEAUTIFUL! After the sunset we went to dinner. I can’t remember the name, but all that I can remember is that amazing sushi. We talked and laughed the whole time. I had an amazing time with Dr.Tom.

I hope we can do it again sometime,


Highland House

What’s up? I went to my older sister’s softball game and after went to dinner. We went to The Highland House. It was my first time eating there, and to tell the truth I was a little nervous. But then I found out that there was no need to be. It was amazing. Our waitress brought me a gluten free menu. There were so many choices, that even includes appetizers. I wanted an appetizer but my mom said “you can only have a main dish.” But I wasn’t sad because the main dishes sounded really good. If you are a vegetarian you can still get an amazing salad. On the gluten free menu I got ribs. They were amazing. The sauce was great and it had lots of juicy meat on it. YUM! My mouth watered when the ribs came to our table. It was messy, but it was worth it. I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone.




Hey everyone, I have some great news for you. I HAVE BEEN GLUTEN AND DAIRY FREE FOR 2 YEARS! I truly could not have done this without my friends, family, and you guys reading my blog.

There has definitely been a change in my life since I started my journey. Though there were a lot of struggles, I have made it this far. I am also proud to say that I haven’t thought about quiting my diet for a few months now.

Out of the 2 years I have found different and yummy recipes and restaurants. I have found my top three restaurants. My number one favorite restaurant is Five Guys. My second choice is Jimmy John’s. My third favorite is Red Robin, and many more. My mom also made great pigs in a blanket (which is a hot dog wrapped in gluten and dairy free breading, WE USED PIZZA CRUST!).

That is all for now. Once again thanks for all your support. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!


New Years Splash

3, 2, 1… Happy New Year!

Hey guys.  Did you have a great New Years?  Well, I certainly did.  My grandma and grandpa took my mom’s whole side of the family to a waterpark.  That includes my aunt and uncle and 3 year old cousin from Chicago and my other aunt and uncle from Michigan.  We went for 2 days and 1 night.  Our room had 2 queen beds and a couch that a had a pull out bed, some tables and 2 tvs.  I slept in the pull out couch and had a little area to myself.  

On New Years Eve, we had dinner at about 7:30 pm.  We got seated and I got a shirley temple and a Coke.  Special treat!  You get your food by going to an all you can eat buffet and then go back to your table to eat.  My mom called ahead of time to talk about gluten and dairy accomodations.  I didn’t have to get up because they brought me my food.  I had 2 huge and I mean huge chickens and a big plate of french fries.  It was sooooo good.  Throughout the night, I got drinks and ate desserts that I brought from home.  

We played games as a big family with my aunts, uncles, cousin, my grandparents, my parents and my sisters.  We had so much fun that one time we laughed so hard, we cried.  We went to the arcade, played games and got prizes.  My uncle wanted a stuffed animal that was a chicken because it was the brand of his favorite chicken.  We asked our waiter if he could give my uncle a stuffed chicken. The waiter came back and my uncle made a new friend… a chicken friend.

When we finished partying at 12:45 am, we went to bed.  We were sleeping in a snap, yes that fast!

In the morning, there was another buffet.  They told me what I could eat.  I ate a grapefruit, sausage, bacon, ham, hash browns and fruit.  They could have made me eggs, but I didn’t want them.

I had the best time ever on New Years.  I recommend going to Zehnder’s Splash Village Waterpark and I promise you will have the best time ever!!

Until next time





Guess  who?  ME LEXI!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have you ever been to a Detroit Pistons game?  Well I just did and it was unbelievable. I had so much fun. My family and I walked around looking for a gf and df place to eat. When we finished walking around we found a little stand. IT WAS PERFICT! I got a italian sausage in an Udi’s hot dog bun and lays chips on the side. If you are 21 and older you can get hooked up with a gf beer.  They also had gf hot dog and chicken.  


The Pistons won and scored over 100 points!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving and if you are Jewish, Happy Hanukkah.

Gotta go, making my first GF/DF pumpkin pie.  I’ll keep you posted.





Hey everyone!

I’m back and I have some news.  Somebody had commented about how to stick to the gluten and dairy free diet?  The answer is simple…..


If you believe, you can do anything.  But you still can NOT cheat.  It takes a lot of guts to become gluten free.  So you should take a minute and think about how much better you feel.  So do that right now.

The biggest way to not stop your diet, is if you see how much you accomplished and how much better you feel.  It helps to have your family support you also.

That is all for now.

Keep in mind what I said and you should be totally fine.  I believe in you.

Keep reading, til next blog.



What up people?

I would like to thank you and I mean THANK YOU! for commenting on my last blog.  It really warmed my heart.  It is nice to know that I am not the only one who is gluten and dairy free.  


About bringing goodies to school or school parties:

I keep a bag full of my goodies that I like at school so whenever there is a party I have something.  Just in case.  Also talk to your teacher about keeping goodies in the class and find out what will be served at parties.  My mom tries to come so she can be there with me at the party.  If I don’t eat anything there, I know I can get something when I get home.


About sharing your food with your friends:

I sometimes bring extra to school or when I go to a friends house so my friends can try my foods.  Most of the time, they love it more than the regular food.  It makes me feel really good that they think I am not eating disgusting food.  

You should definitely tell people why you are gluten free and how you found out.  This will definitely help them understand the concept.


Thank you for commenting again and until the next blog….

See you!



Lunch Time

Do people tease you or brag about stuff you can’t eat?  Well if they do that is perfectly fine and normal.  I get teased all the time, even by my friends.  One friend takes her scraps of bread, candy and rubs it in my face.  I am very sad and mad that I can’t eat the food and mad that my friend would do that to me.  Three girls (all my friends) try to make me eat gluten or tell me to try their donut because it is so good.  But I don’t.

Do you guys know why they do that to me?  

The answer is that they want to see what happens when I eat gluten.  I only say you don’t want to know and I ignore it.  That is what you should do too if the same problem is happening to you.  This way they will leave you alone.  Though it is hard, you should ignore them.  If they are being really rude, tell an adult.

If this is happening to you, please, please, please write me a comment and I promise to write you back personally.  If you have any ideas to blog about or happened to you or a friend.  It even could be a neighbor.

Please write a comment and share with the world and me.

Thanks for reading folks



Wedding Time

Hey Fellows,

I went to a wedding this weekend for my Aunt’s brother.  It was in Grand Rapids.

So in this blog, I wanted to talk about the weekend. 

First off, on Friday, we had no school because of a power outage.  My sister and I were very excited because we got to play all day but my mother had a different idea.  I am so happy that I did not have gluten that day because I would have been screaming my head off.  My mom wanted us to clean the house, go shopping and pack up for the weekend.  She wanted us to do that because that is what she usually does during the day when we are at school. 

Anyways, we picked up my older sister at 3pm at school and got on the road.  When we got to the hotel after 2 hours in the car, we had to get dressed for the Friday night dinner right away.  We got to the restaurant and there were only 2 other guests there.  That gave me time to talk to the waitress about my gluten and dairy sensitivity.

My cousins and I were able to draw on the paper on the table and waited for our food.  I ate gluten and dairy free pasta.  It was really good!  I shared it with my grandma and other people in my family.  I didn’t finish it all, so I brought it home.  The bride said a speech and gave out presents and the waitresses passed out good looking desserts.  I was jealous.  But then, I saw my bumpy cake and cookie that I brought from home and our waitress ended up bringing me two cherries and sorbet.  I shared it with my cousin because she is allergic to nuts and the dessert may have had nuts.  She and I loved it too, so we ate it all.  I told myself, we are off to a good start.  The bride came up to me and asked how everything was.  I thanked her and told her it was great.  I was tired so I was happy to go to sleep and I couldn’t wait for the next day.

In the afternoon, the wedding started.  I was very sad to see all the chocolates on the table, but my aunt’s mom made me my own GF/DF chocolates.  They were delicious, so I wasn’t so upset.

When the wedding started, I was so excited.  When the bride came in to walk down the aisle, she surprised the groom by singing a song.  She’s a great singer.  When the ceremony was done, they started bringing in the salad.  I had my apple that I brought from home instead of the salad because I couldn’t eat the cheese and dressing on it.   I didn’t mind though til they brought out the mac n cheese, then I got crazy.  It smelled so good.  At dinner, they had chicken, mac and cheese, twice baked potato, vegetables and meat.  Can you guess, what I ate?





My dad picked up an unwich earlier and I put it in my lunchbox.  It was really funny because I was eating Jimmy John’s at a wedding.  See the picture below of the groom and bride with me holding my Jimmy John’s.  I was a little goofy.

After dinner, we danced all night, lit lanterns (my family lit one and let it go) and had smores.   I forgot my smores at home, so I had a bumpy cake and cookie from home.  It was still good.  At the end of the night, we said our goodbyes.  I was very sad to leave  and I wanted to stay.

I’d like to thank Rob and Tracey for inviting my family and I to their amazing wedding.  We had so much fun.  Thank you Ms. Cheryl for making me the chocolates.  I want to thank the chefs at the restaurant Friday night for the great GF/DF food.

So if anybody else is going to a wedding  in their future that is what I did and foods I brought with me.  Planning ahead makes life easier when you are gluten and dairy free.  So I suggest to you, to plan everytime when you go out. 

Over and out LexiImage

Good News

Hey, it’s Lexi.  I am so sorry I have not blogged in forever.  A lot of stuff has been going on in my life like school, 5th grade is very hard for me and I should be posting some more notes because my sister’s volleyball games are over.  Whatever about that stuff, let’s get to the exciting parts.


The people that live across the street are gluten free and the mom of the family has a brother who is a gluten free doctor and is doing this talk thing.  He asked me to please talk about my gluten free life and over hundreds of people are suppose to be listening.  I am sooooooo excited to do this but nervous to talk in front of that many people but since everyone is supporting me, I know I can do it.


I would love if you could Listen to it.  It will be a part of http://theglutensummit.com/registration/  

It will be really cool and lots of doctors and people will be talking.  Please register for it. It is free!


Again, I would like to ask you if you haven’t bought my book yet, please do.  I’m working on a new place to carry my book-amazon.com.  You can still get it through my blog.

I guess it is time to leave but I will blog sometime soon.




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