I’m Lexi’s mom.  She said I could post something every now and then. 

I know when I found out that we were going to change our lifestyle so that we could accommodate Lexi’s new gluten and dairy free diet, I was overwhelmed.  I was so grateful for friends who could offer advice during the transition.  It is a continuous journey and each time I think we have mastered something a new situation presents.

The days of just going on vacation, having Lexi sleep at the grandparents for an overnight, spending the day somewhere new and just stopping for lunch or dinner anywhere have changed.  We still go on vacation, have overnights, spend days doing fun things and stop for lunch or dinner but it requires a lot more planning.  I have become the mom that will call the other family or friends involved with the food to figure out a plan.  I research our route on a map to find a place that we can stop if we need to on our way.  I pack lots of snacks, extra food because we don’t want to be without. 

As Lexi said we spent the last weekend with lots of friends at a cottage.  All our friends were so kind and considerate trying to accommodate Lexi.  I asked for a heads up on any goodies so I could prepare Lexi and also make any gf/df alternatives..cinnamon rolls, brownies, chips, pretzels,etc.  It has become our lifestyle.  Some things I bring only enough for Lexi and other things I bring enough for Lexi to share.  I think she really likes it when people try her food and like it.

When she sleeps out, I find out what food they will have, send whatever I need, and tell them what is “safe” at different restaurants.  I have learned that Red Robin, Jimmy Johns, Olive Garden, Outback are safe choices.

Lucky for Lexi, I have a Type A personality and time to do my research.  I want this whole process to be as easy as possible for Lexi.  I know that she will be the one who will have to do this, but for now, I just want her to have fun with her friends and be healthy.

Lexi’s mom