Tomorrow I will be 6 months gluten and dairy free!  It went pretty fast.  At times it was really hard and sometimes it was easy.  I have eaten a lot of different foods, some good and some really bad.

Here are some of my good favorite foods.

  1. Trader Joes Corn Pasta
  2. Ian’s fish sticks
  3. Bell and Evan’s chicken nuggets
  4. S better beef corn dogs
  5. Jessica’s granola-vanilla maple and chocolate chip
  6. Wylde pretzels  or Snyder pretzels (GF)
  7. Haagen Daz chocolate and raspberry sorbet
  8. All chex and fruity pebble cereals that are GF
  9. Canyon bakehouse bread-all varieties and buns
  10. Skinny pop, kettle corn
  11. Aidells chicken and apple sausage
  12. Van’s waffles and French toast sticks
  13. Lay’s potato chips
  14. Coconut and Almond, and chocolate almond milk
  15. Rice cakes-variety brands


If you have any questions or want to know where to buy something above, let me know.

Happy Shopping