Gobble, Gobble..

Guess what I made it through Thanksgiving.  You are probably thinking that everything was gluten and dairy free, but no.. only some was.  You are also probably wondering if it was hard, it was.  But I did it because I had my own food and my mom talked to people bringing food to see what I could eat.  Some of my family changed recipes so I could eat them, which was nice.  People made me feel like a princess because everyone made sure that I had what I wanted of the gluten and dairy free food. They could only have a little, because they needed to make sure I did not want any more. 

So if you are a mom that is reading this, try letting your kid get the first pick at the food and it may be easier for them to eat.  Your kid might feel how I did.

I have two sisters and they are jealous because my dad says I can finish the gluten free foods so it is fun and makes you forget that you are gluten free.  I hope you will try this.