What’s up peeps?  Guess what?  Today I had a me and my mom day at the mall.  It was after school and so I was hungry.  But we did not know if there were any gluten and dairy free foods or drinks at the mall.  We were at the food court.  We asked this one store if there french fries were cooked with anything else.  They were cooked with chicken nuggets.  So they were no good.

We asked another store and they cooked them with chicken nuggets too.  We could not get French fries there.

The last store cooked the French fries with onions with breading.  No other store had gluten free fries.

So instead, we went to the ice cream store and it had sorbet.  I tried two kinds of sorbet, but I did not like the sorbet.  So that store was no good either.  We then went to the last store that possibly had no gluten and dairy.  I could get a fruit slushie but I did not want that either.

So I (out of no where) snapped at my mom to get me a Coke and she said not with your attitude.  So I ended up with nothing.  In the car, I said I wanted to quit being gluten and dairy free and I told my mom why.

  1. I am allergic to animals and that is hard enough
  2. I do not think that gluten and dairy is the problem.  I think you change your behavior and attitude yourself.
  3.  It just makes me miserable and sad sometimes.


If you are a parent, this is for you.  Your kid may feel the same as I do.  Please write to me if they do.

If you are a kid, this is for you.  Do NOT be scared to tell your parents being gluten free and maybe dairy free is hard to do.  Please write to me also.

You just need to believe in yourself.  That’s how I calmed down.

Until next time,



PS.  I am not going to quit my diet because I am not a quitter and the diet may actually help?