Dear followers,

I have GREAT news there is a GREAT gluten free store. Some foods are dairy free. So if you are gluten free and maybe dairy free, even if you are not gluten free and not dairy free you still might want to go to the store.  You may have heard of the store name but might not have been there.  Does this ring a bell?


It is called:  Rumi’s Passion


41120 5 Mile Road

Plymouth, MI  48170


They are open Tuesday to Friday 10 am to 6 pm, Saturday  9 am to 3 pm.  Monday and Sunday they are closed.


It is a gluten free bakery and more…

It is a great bakery.  I just got something I like and that is a soft pretzel.  (If you read my last post, I said “My mom said I could have  a soft pretzel when I got home.”)  The pretzel was from Rumi’s.


They also have the best pitas, hot dog rolls that I use for sandwiches, bumpy cupcakes and Challah bread.  Hillers Grocery Store has some of their products.


I think you should consider going there.

Hope you go,