Ding, Ding.  School is out, scream and shout.  We are going up north to go skiing for winter break.  We rented a house.  I’m kind of scared because I don’t know what foods my mom brought for my sisters that I can’t eat.  But we will find out.  We finally got to the cottage.  We unpacked and found our rooms.  The TV turned on automatically so my sister and I thought it was haunted, but it was plugged into a light switch.  It freaked me out!!


The next day, we went skiing.  I took a ski class and my name tag was hilarious it said DO NOT FEED!! I felt like a bear.  It also said gluten and dairy free and no chickpeas.  Mom will bring snack. I will bite HA,HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mom brought me my own hot cocoa.  The rest of them drank hot cocoa and cookies.  My mom said I could get something when I got back to the house.


I learned how to ski and the next lesson I was on the chair lift.  My sister, who is 6 took 3 lessons and was then on the chair lift.   It was fun!!!!


We had new peanut butter cookies that my mom found from a work person.

1 cup peanut butter

1 cup sugar

1 egg

Mix and bake


My mom made me cinnamon rolls on the last morning for breakfast.

I hope you try my cookies.

Happy Holidays.

I hope you got what you wanted for Christmas or Hanukkah.