Hi,  guess what.  I have been gluten and dairy free for one whole year.  Can you believe it?  It has been a hard adventure.  If you have passed a 1 year GF/DF anniversary, please send me a comment.

Ok, now the juicy stuff.  I had a party to celebrate being GF/DF for one year.  At my party, we played musical gluten (how to play is at the bottom of the blog).  We also played “LEXI”.  It is like BINGO and can be played by different names.  The squares for “LEXI” all were gluten free foods I like.

Alright, now let’s talk food.  We had little tables with names of the food.  There was a list of all the ingredients of each food.  It looked like Costco in my house.  Here are some of the samples:  popcorn, chicken nuggets, 2 kinds of cookies (chocolate chip and peanut butter), rice, fruity and cocoa pebble treats, pretzels, shrimp, salami sandwiches, and guac with palm.  Last but not least-DRINKS.  We had coke, root beer, sprite, hawaiin punch, apple juice and water.  They were all in little cups. I had a lot of friends over.



PS if you can please write my grandma [Cookie] a note, just right me a comment and send it to Cookie… because she is brave enough to do a no yeast diet.

PPS this is how to play musical gluten

First- you print a picture of a gluten item that you sadly needed to give up.

Second-you get a couple of chairs

Third- you tape the picture onto a chair

Fourth- if you sit on the picture, you are out.

Fifth- HAVE FUN!!!!