Hi everyone, I have a couple of things I want to talk about so let’s get going. First I want to tell you that being gluten and dairy free is getting a lot easier. Second, I want to cheat on this diet sometimes. Last I want to tell you about a sleepover birthday party.

The birthday girl’s name is Rachel, including Rachel and I there were eleven kids at the party. Rachel had a lot of things that I couldn’t eat at her party like the pizza and mac n cheese, but luckily my mom packed me chicken nuggets and some French fries. It wasn’t the same but it worked out fine. I even shared a couple fries.

Next there were cupcakes at the party. But my mom again packed me an alternative, A BUMPY CUPCAKE.

Then in the morning, we had chocolate pancakes. And for the third time, my mom packed me fruity pebbles.

So if you go to a sleepover, have your mom pack you something that you can eat. Ok, now before I close this up. I want you to think, do I have any birthday parties coming up? Then email or call the parent of the birthday kid and see if you can eat what they are eating. If you can’t, then ask “May I bring my own food because of my allergies?” They probably will say yes so then pack similar foods that will fit your allergies. You don’t even need to bring something that is about the same, just pack something you like.
Last if you haven’t bought my book, it is in the Celiac Specialites Store on Haggerty Road or on my blog link.

Good luck,