Hey, it’s Lexi.  I am so sorry I have not blogged in forever.  A lot of stuff has been going on in my life like school, 5th grade is very hard for me and I should be posting some more notes because my sister’s volleyball games are over.  Whatever about that stuff, let’s get to the exciting parts.


The people that live across the street are gluten free and the mom of the family has a brother who is a gluten free doctor and is doing this talk thing.  He asked me to please talk about my gluten free life and over hundreds of people are suppose to be listening.  I am sooooooo excited to do this but nervous to talk in front of that many people but since everyone is supporting me, I know I can do it.


I would love if you could Listen to it.  It will be a part of http://theglutensummit.com/registration/  

It will be really cool and lots of doctors and people will be talking.  Please register for it. It is free!


Again, I would like to ask you if you haven’t bought my book yet, please do.  I’m working on a new place to carry my book-amazon.com.  You can still get it through my blog.

I guess it is time to leave but I will blog sometime soon.