Hey Fellows,

I went to a wedding this weekend for my Aunt’s brother.  It was in Grand Rapids.

So in this blog, I wanted to talk about the weekend. 

First off, on Friday, we had no school because of a power outage.  My sister and I were very excited because we got to play all day but my mother had a different idea.  I am so happy that I did not have gluten that day because I would have been screaming my head off.  My mom wanted us to clean the house, go shopping and pack up for the weekend.  She wanted us to do that because that is what she usually does during the day when we are at school. 

Anyways, we picked up my older sister at 3pm at school and got on the road.  When we got to the hotel after 2 hours in the car, we had to get dressed for the Friday night dinner right away.  We got to the restaurant and there were only 2 other guests there.  That gave me time to talk to the waitress about my gluten and dairy sensitivity.

My cousins and I were able to draw on the paper on the table and waited for our food.  I ate gluten and dairy free pasta.  It was really good!  I shared it with my grandma and other people in my family.  I didn’t finish it all, so I brought it home.  The bride said a speech and gave out presents and the waitresses passed out good looking desserts.  I was jealous.  But then, I saw my bumpy cake and cookie that I brought from home and our waitress ended up bringing me two cherries and sorbet.  I shared it with my cousin because she is allergic to nuts and the dessert may have had nuts.  She and I loved it too, so we ate it all.  I told myself, we are off to a good start.  The bride came up to me and asked how everything was.  I thanked her and told her it was great.  I was tired so I was happy to go to sleep and I couldn’t wait for the next day.

In the afternoon, the wedding started.  I was very sad to see all the chocolates on the table, but my aunt’s mom made me my own GF/DF chocolates.  They were delicious, so I wasn’t so upset.

When the wedding started, I was so excited.  When the bride came in to walk down the aisle, she surprised the groom by singing a song.  She’s a great singer.  When the ceremony was done, they started bringing in the salad.  I had my apple that I brought from home instead of the salad because I couldn’t eat the cheese and dressing on it.   I didn’t mind though til they brought out the mac n cheese, then I got crazy.  It smelled so good.  At dinner, they had chicken, mac and cheese, twice baked potato, vegetables and meat.  Can you guess, what I ate?





My dad picked up an unwich earlier and I put it in my lunchbox.  It was really funny because I was eating Jimmy John’s at a wedding.  See the picture below of the groom and bride with me holding my Jimmy John’s.  I was a little goofy.

After dinner, we danced all night, lit lanterns (my family lit one and let it go) and had smores.   I forgot my smores at home, so I had a bumpy cake and cookie from home.  It was still good.  At the end of the night, we said our goodbyes.  I was very sad to leave  and I wanted to stay.

I’d like to thank Rob and Tracey for inviting my family and I to their amazing wedding.  We had so much fun.  Thank you Ms. Cheryl for making me the chocolates.  I want to thank the chefs at the restaurant Friday night for the great GF/DF food.

So if anybody else is going to a wedding  in their future that is what I did and foods I brought with me.  Planning ahead makes life easier when you are gluten and dairy free.  So I suggest to you, to plan everytime when you go out. 

Over and out LexiImage