Do people tease you or brag about stuff you can’t eat?  Well if they do that is perfectly fine and normal.  I get teased all the time, even by my friends.  One friend takes her scraps of bread, candy and rubs it in my face.  I am very sad and mad that I can’t eat the food and mad that my friend would do that to me.  Three girls (all my friends) try to make me eat gluten or tell me to try their donut because it is so good.  But I don’t.

Do you guys know why they do that to me?  

The answer is that they want to see what happens when I eat gluten.  I only say you don’t want to know and I ignore it.  That is what you should do too if the same problem is happening to you.  This way they will leave you alone.  Though it is hard, you should ignore them.  If they are being really rude, tell an adult.

If this is happening to you, please, please, please write me a comment and I promise to write you back personally.  If you have any ideas to blog about or happened to you or a friend.  It even could be a neighbor.

Please write a comment and share with the world and me.

Thanks for reading folks