What up people?

I would like to thank you and I mean THANK YOU! for commenting on my last blog.  It really warmed my heart.  It is nice to know that I am not the only one who is gluten and dairy free.  


About bringing goodies to school or school parties:

I keep a bag full of my goodies that I like at school so whenever there is a party I have something.  Just in case.  Also talk to your teacher about keeping goodies in the class and find out what will be served at parties.  My mom tries to come so she can be there with me at the party.  If I don’t eat anything there, I know I can get something when I get home.


About sharing your food with your friends:

I sometimes bring extra to school or when I go to a friends house so my friends can try my foods.  Most of the time, they love it more than the regular food.  It makes me feel really good that they think I am not eating disgusting food.  

You should definitely tell people why you are gluten free and how you found out.  This will definitely help them understand the concept.


Thank you for commenting again and until the next blog….

See you!