3, 2, 1… Happy New Year!

Hey guys.  Did you have a great New Years?  Well, I certainly did.  My grandma and grandpa took my mom’s whole side of the family to a waterpark.  That includes my aunt and uncle and 3 year old cousin from Chicago and my other aunt and uncle from Michigan.  We went for 2 days and 1 night.  Our room had 2 queen beds and a couch that a had a pull out bed, some tables and 2 tvs.  I slept in the pull out couch and had a little area to myself.  

On New Years Eve, we had dinner at about 7:30 pm.  We got seated and I got a shirley temple and a Coke.  Special treat!  You get your food by going to an all you can eat buffet and then go back to your table to eat.  My mom called ahead of time to talk about gluten and dairy accomodations.  I didn’t have to get up because they brought me my food.  I had 2 huge and I mean huge chickens and a big plate of french fries.  It was sooooo good.  Throughout the night, I got drinks and ate desserts that I brought from home.  

We played games as a big family with my aunts, uncles, cousin, my grandparents, my parents and my sisters.  We had so much fun that one time we laughed so hard, we cried.  We went to the arcade, played games and got prizes.  My uncle wanted a stuffed animal that was a chicken because it was the brand of his favorite chicken.  We asked our waiter if he could give my uncle a stuffed chicken. The waiter came back and my uncle made a new friend… a chicken friend.

When we finished partying at 12:45 am, we went to bed.  We were sleeping in a snap, yes that fast!

In the morning, there was another buffet.  They told me what I could eat.  I ate a grapefruit, sausage, bacon, ham, hash browns and fruit.  They could have made me eggs, but I didn’t want them.

I had the best time ever on New Years.  I recommend going to Zehnder’s Splash Village Waterpark and I promise you will have the best time ever!!

Until next time