HELLO!!!!! I am sooo happy today. One because I started middle school.  Also because the new idea my teacher from last year made up is working really well.  It is to help me not forget my homework and tests and all that stuff. So this is how it works…

         First you need to find out the color of the folder for each subject/core classes. Then find a hair band of each color of the folders. Next you are going to put them all on one wrist. Then if you have homework or something like that, switch the hair band of that subject color onto the other wrist. Make sure it starts on your comfortable wrist. Then change it like how I said (only if you have homework or an assignment), onto the uncomfortable wrist. Keep them on your wrist till the end of the day when you have to go home. Before you leave check your homework wrist. Then grab the folder of the hair band color on your uncomfortable wrist. Now go home and… DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till next blog,