Hi everyone, I would just like to tell you that I am so proud. You probably wondering why I am so proud. It is one word, “you.” I was totally scared to go on this diet but with your support I have been gluten and dairy free for almost 3 years now. I couldn’t have done it without you. So thank you. I also want to thank everyone who reads my blog and listens to what I feel inside. I feel like I could tell you guys anything and so I want to tell you how I get my topics for these blogs. I get the topics from my heart and real life feelings. I am not just saying that. I actually mean it. I would also like to tell my family that I love you all very much and also to my friends. You all are great and talented in different ways.

Have any of you ever made such a good neighborhood friend that you saw them every day? Well I had that kind of friend and she still is my best friend, but one day she moved a few miles away from me. Thankfully she didn’t  move out of the state. Tonight is her birthday and I am going to celebrate her birthday. I have noticed something, each time I see her it gets harder to say goodbye. I would like to wish Jordyn a happy, happy birthday. You are a great friend! I also would like to thank a few other people.

One of them is my sister Naomi for playing sports like football with me and helping me get better at it. I also would like to tell Naomi that you are an awesome tuba player despite your height. I love you. I also want to thank my other sister Sarah for making me laugh during rough times for me.  I also love to play with you (even if I don’t like what we’re playing, but I do it because it makes you happy). You are a great cheer leader. I love you too.

My parents are people who I really need to thank. I need to thank you for keeping me under a roof and keeping me warm. Dad, you are so tough it is crazy!  Also no matter the pain, you are always back on the ice! You are funny (hey, now I know where Sarah got her humor). With you made up words like “buchi lamma” it is almost impossible not to laugh. I love you so much. Mom, you have magical hands for treating patients and just being able to keep us controlled. You help me with my problems and you can normally solve the problems I can’t solve. I love you too.

My grandparent’s I want to thank for everything like Fuzzy being there to watch us, Grandma for letting Sarah and I sleep in her bed when we stay at her house. Pj for all the snow sculpture fun, and Grammy for spoiling us. I love you all.

My aunts and uncles are all amazing for things like having holidays at their houses and my cousins for playing with my sisters and I.  I have fun at my cousins amazing soccer games, another cousin for your unclear sentences that are so cute and funny, another cousin for coming in for holidays to eat and play, and last but hopefully not least a boy cousin, for completing our family. Love you as well.

Last, I would like to thank my neighbors, all my doctors, especially Dr.Tom, and everyone who reads my blog.  You all made such a difference in my life so thank you so much.

Till next time,