Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to talk about buying lunch at school. First I see what the choices are for that day, and I normally know if it is gluten and dairy free.  If I think it is I I ask… better be safe than sorry (I sadly made that mistake and I really regretted that day). Well turns out that I can’t eat any of it. I know, bummer. But, my middle school has a snack bar as well and so I also check there. I found out I can eat a few things there. My favorite food/snack there are the Welch’s fruit snack. That isn’t a big surprise for me because I am addicted to those and never have enough. But I also like the Naked drinks. I know it is a funny name but they are soooo good. I liked them so much that I brought one home and asked my mom to buy them. It was a great surprise to find them in our refrigerator. What I am trying to say is that something good came out of the bad. So ask your school if you can eat anything. Did you know that there is only one stupid question? That is not asking a question and trying to take a risk and do what you think. Bye, and remember JUST ASK!!!!

P.S. I know the green Naked has gluten, but be sure to check the ingredients before you drink them.