Hey everyone, I am so sorry that I have not posted in a long time! I have been so busy with school and teachers, you know, the usual. Anyway, that is not an excuse. Today I wanted to talk about wanting to cheat on your diet… BAD IDEA!! In the past few days I have been feeling more tempted than ever!! It first started at my family birthday party. It was for my sisters and I. For dessert we had fruit, brownies, and PIE!!! Yummy, yummy pie! One was an Oreo pie and the other one was an apple pie. They were obviously for my sisters. The brownies were for me and were gluten and dairy free. I love my family (Don’t get me wrong) but I wanted them all to leave when I saw them all eating the pie and the ice cream that I love also. I did have a brownie and fruit but really! BORING!! Please don’t think I’m a kid who is never happy but… what would you rather have a brownie or a nice yummy pie and ice cream!?!?! WOW!! That is a lot of food that I could cheat on. Feel free to comment on what you want to cheat on. This was a short but sweet post. I promise to post more though. I am also going to start my own cook show. I will post them on my blog. Please ask me questions. If you are a kid, send me a message and we can be pen pals.

Til next time,