Hey everyone. I am sooooo sorry. The end of summer than school is getting in the way of blogging so I am deeply sorry. Anyway, I can’t believe that it is already almost Halloween. I have just one problem… I can’t eat almost anything. You might be thinking, well why not? The reason is that I got braces and I also have an expander, that makes me not able to chew chewy things and I can’t chew gum because it gets wrapped around the expander. What I do like are sweet tarts and that is probably it. If you have any suggestions please comment below in the comment area.

Also I wanted to talk to you about being back at school and buying lunch. I still can’t buy lunch and they got tator tots so I don’t know if I can eat those. I am waiting for an answer. They have a few options for me at the snack bar but that is pretty much it and it is VERY hard to chew fruit snacks.L It is really hard for me to eat because I am so annoyed. I don’t know how much longer I can take this.L You guys are the only thing holding me together. I have pretty much been through all the ups and downs. Well enough with that.

Just a fair warning… Rumi’s I still recommend going there but if you are allergic to peas and chickpeas make sure to talk to them about their goodies. I couldn’t have what I used to have because they put pea protein in it. I still do recommend that place though. Also I recommend matzo. It is a Jewish food that the Jews have to eat on a special holiday when they can’t eat bread. They come in a box and they are like a big square and I break them up and put them in a plastic container with deli turkey. There you go, a main dish to go in your lunch to school. I also take fruits and some chips. I don’t eat much normally so my lunch is never really full. Add what you want in your lunch. If you take a certain thing that is really good please comment at the bottom of this blog.

That is all for today so till next time.. . J