Lexi’s Book

I am so excited because I wrote a book called “Gluten and Dairy… Who Needs Them, A Kid’s Perspective.”  My book is about how I found out that I was gluten and dairy sensitive, how people at school treated me, 4 recipes, and my mom’s perspective.

My book can be purchased at

1.  Celiac Specialties (2 locations )


31126 Haggerty Rd Farmington Mi 48331, USA

1928 Star Batt Drive Suite D,  Rochester Hills Mi 48306, USA,  586-598-8180

2. Amazon.com  (paperback or ebook)

Gluten Free Book


5 thoughts on “Lexi’s Book”

  1. Hi Lexi,

    My son has an allergy in his Esophogis called EE. Ever heard of it? His major symptom was choking. We removed dairy from his diet on August 1, 2012. He is doing much better. He is being put to sleep later in December (his 4th time) to see if his insides look better now that he is dairy free. My son turned 12 today. Its really hard because his whole life he ate dairy and now no pizza, no ice cream, no macaroni…you wouldn’t believe all the foods that have dairy in them!! After the scope we may find out that he needs to eliminate wheat too. I’ll keep you posted! Having a food allergy is REALLY difficult!! Keep writing your blog..and post some of your favorite foods. Maybe that will give some other kids out there some ideas of what they can eat if they have food allergies! I am going to get your book this week!!

  2. hi i gave your video you did with tom to my dr she is the Clinician Educator at north shore hospital and the top dr at north shore in il and she is a a md and Holistic Health dr she dose both but she realy like Holistic Health most of all hope she can learn a few thing from your video and do something in here office and she is top person at north shore in il thought i share this with you keep up the great work and all way rember your a champion in your self

  3. i for got to add to my post im austic and i do dairy and gluten free foods my self i know how hard it is to find them here is one place can order dairy and gluten free foods by mail from http://www.newvitalityhealthfoods.com/retailer/store_templates/shell_id_1.asp?storeID=AF8C740FBA034BCE9A4D7EB387738892 i been there my self so i knwo the owner well the owner of this health food dose stock nothing but people with dairy and gluten free or as she call it allergy free food and vitamin and stuff to watch body with she only dose all allergy free stuff in store the owner is a dr also she owner here own dr office also near here store she told me and she will ship what need one thing i tryed was dairy free and gluten free soda she sells and if mom need to order from a place i recamend this place to you for mail order lexi hope finde it use full and help you to get the dairy free gluten free foods i knwo how much it coast and i know not meny stores has them yet but i did search for the store when i first found out i was dary free gltuion free for store out side my town to make it cheeper and this came up i when all way down there to get my food 2 times well worth the drive or mail order any day thay stock good verity of allgery free products

    • Thank you for leaving me a comment and passing on my video to your doctor. I will definitely check out that store. Thank you for being so supportive to me. Good luck with being gluten and dairy free. You are doing great!

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